Miscellaneous Technology Resources

Behavior / Social Skills

  • Social Thinking - Michelle Garcia Winner's site
  • The KidTools Support System - "The KidTools Support System (KTSS) is a federally-funded project to provide performance support software for children, ages 7-13, who have learning disabilities and/or emotional and behavioral problems. The KTSS software includes a library of tools provided as easy-to-use templates for children to personalize and use independently in school and home settings. The KidTools program includes template tools to assist children in self-management, problem solving, and making plans and contracts. KidSkills includes organizational and planning tools and a variety of learning strategies."

Visual Timers

Mouse Skills

  • Baby Rose - move the cursor and watch the eyes follow the cursor
  • Bees & Honey- 3 different activities targeting specific mouse skills.
    • Bees - student simply moves the mouse around in order to "catch" bees
    • Flowers - student has to click on flowers in order for them to open up
    • Honey - student has to click & drag bees onto flowers
  • Bubble Wrap - work on mouse clicks
  • Gopher - fun game, student whacks gophers when they stick their heads out of the holes by clicking on them
  • Numerous additional sites here to work on right mouse clicks, clicking and dragging


Tar Heel Readers - online, accessible books

Project Spectrum - Google Sketchup Tutorial for use with students on the Autism Spectrum. Access the Project Spectrum Manual of Ideas for Parents and Teachers here.

Visual Schedules - best for younger students

PocketMod - low tech visual organizer or schedule

Checklists - linear alternative to rubrics, easily create guides for students' projects.

****Tinsnips**** - is a special education resource that strives to share a variety of specialized teaching tools, techniques, worksheets, and activities with teachers of students who have autistic spectrum disorders and related developmental disabilities. Many of these activities may be appropriate for Pre-K and Kindergarten children.