Commercial Technology Resources

Commercially Available Technology Supports for Students with Austism Spectrum Disorder


  • IntelliTools Classroom Suite - excellent software program for all content areas, offers alternative access for students who need it. Free 30 day trial download available at the link. It is especially valuable due to the Activity Exchange. Look for the In My Classroom (a new one is created for every month of school) and the eight Treasure Hunt activities created by Cindy Kerr.
  • DTTrainer - The DT Trainer is an evidence-based, direct instructional software program with over 160 curriculum content programs, hundreds of motivating reinforcers, and data tracking/assessment features. It is a highly configurable, behavior-based, affordable instructional tool that allows independent learning for individuals with mild-moderate-severe cognitive and developmental disabilities as well as for typically developing learners. (30 day trial download available at the website.
  • Activity Trainer - The Activity Trainer is a first-in-class tool that makes video modeling practical for use in classrooms and at home. Video modeling has been shown in numerous studies to improve the acquisition rates of a wide variety of skills. The Activity Trainer not only extends the power of video modeling, but it also includes a diverse library of videos and other activity resources. AES is building a library spanning academic, daily living, non-verbal imitation, recreational, social, and vocational activities. Customers will receive one year of access to our expanding library of activities.
  • //TeachTown: Basics// - is a comprehensive computer-assisted treatment program intended to provide learning tools and teaching strategies for children with a developmental age between 2 and 7. The program uses evidence-based practices from over 30 years of research in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Education, Speech and Language, and Developmental Psychology. Research article on the effectiveness of this software.
  • VizZle - is a revolutionary new web-based software for children with autism. VizZle is the answer for teachers, clinicians and parents who need quick, easy and effective visual language supports for children with Autism. Through collaboration with Dr. Howard Shane and colleagues at Boston Children’s Hospital, Monarch Teaching Technologies has designed VizZle around three highly effective visual language programming modalities - Visual Instructional Mode, Visual Organizational Mode and Visual Expression Mode. Get a free trial at the VizZle link.
  • Read:OutLoud Text Reader - Opens and reads all common accessible file formats and is known for its reading guide templates that leverage reading comprehension strategies recommended by the National Reading Panel and Reading Next Report. The software has built-in comprehension and fluency tools for students who read below grade level. It is an approved test accommodation in many states. A web browser provides access to the Internet with speech-enabled audio; eHighlighter improves study skills; Franklin Talking Dictionary supports vocabulary; and a bibliographer helps students accurately cite research. Virginia and Indiana have selected Read:OutLoud for statewide accessible instruction materials reading initiatives.
  • Boardmaker
  • ComicLife -use this tool to create engaging visual social stories.
  • Picture Planner - icon-based planning software designed for family use

  • Mrs. Riley - subscription service for easily creating picture cards
  • Social Skill Builder - software which presents video sequences of real-life social scenarios and offering appropriate responses, Social Skill Builder software can help children rapidly improve their skills in the following areas: Appropriate Social Behavior, Interactions and Relationships, Social Emotions, and Problem-Solving


  • Autism Apps
  • Comic Creation, Comic Life, Comic Book
  • SOSH
  • iModeling
  • Pictello
  • First Then
  • Turn Taker
  • Choice Maker
  • Kid's Journal
  • iReward
  • Percentally
  • Autism Colors
  • DTT Words
  • DTT Shapes
  • DTT People